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Undergraduate and Graduate Programs 2019-2020

Yiğit Aydın, Instructor

M.M., Composition and Conducting, Hacettepe University, 2000.
Courses Given This Academic Year
MSC 112 Composition II
MSC 171 Theory I: Fundamentals
MSC 207 Individual Music Studies III
MSC 211 Composition III
MSC 212 Composition IV
MSC 271 Theory III: Modal Counterpoint
MSC 312 Composition VI
MSC 172 Theory II: Harmony and Voice Leading
MSC 208 Individual Music Studies IV
MSC 212 Composition IV
MSC 272 Theory IV: Classical Form
MSC 311 Composition V
MSC 321 Tonal Counterpoint
MSC 411 Composition VII
MSC 412 Composition VIII: Graduation Project

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