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Undergraduate and Graduate Programs 2020-2021

Jason Edward Hale, Assistant Professor

M.A., Directing, Antioch University, 2010.
Courses Given This Academic Year
THR 101 Fundamentals of Acting I
THR 103 Voice and Speech I
THR 105 Movement and Combat I
THR 107 Dance I
THR 111 Phonetics I
THR 201 Acting I
THR 203 Voice and Speech III
THR 205 Movement and Combat III
THR 301 Acting III
THR 303 Voice and Speech V
THR 327 History of Theater III: 20th Century
THR 331 Textual Interpretation and Analysis I
THR 431 Textual Interpretation and Analysis III
THR 451 Senior Project I
THR 102 Fundamentals of Acting II
THR 333 On Camera Acting
THR 452 Senior Project II

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