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Kamer Rodoplu, Dean

Office of the Dean of Students intends to help and support students throughout their college life, assisting their development from their first to the very last day of their time in Bilkent. The Office coordinates a wide spectrum of activities performed in collaboration with students. From orientation to post-graduate career advancement, the Office is actively engaged in all steps of the personal development of Bilkent students. In this capacity, the primary objective is to develop Bilkenters into agents of change and progress in their lives and the communities they belong to and it is in fulfilling this task that the Office's work gets its form and meaning.

Student Union

Elected by the student body; student representatives are responsible for managing the Student Union and creating a program of activities. Located in the center of the Main Campus, the Student Union Building houses multifunctional rooms, offices and a small conference hall. The Student Union organizes students' social and cultural activities in coordination with the Student Activities Center.

Student Activities Center (Esra Korad, Coordinator)

The variety of activities offered on campus adds a social component to students' academic life. The Student Activities Center coordinates all student related activities including those within the Student Clubs and Societies as well as social responsibility projects.

All the clubs are established to cater to students' interests and needs in a very wide range that lies from aviation to diving, from engineering to history, and many more. For a complete list of clubs and societies:

Meetings, seminars, debates and trips are regularly organized by these clubs and societies allowing students to participate in various activities with many facets.

The Student Activities Center also provides the necessary liaison between the university administration and the Student Union. In addition, the Center offers students advisory services about their personal or institutional representation in domestic or international activities. The Center's office is located in the Student Union building for a better accessibility. Working closely with the Student Union, the Center also provides guidance when needed for clubs and extracurricular activities.

Social Responsibility Projects are created, organized, led and completed on a volunteer basis by the students of the University. Ongoing projects are:

Another important component of the Student Activities Center is "Radio Bilkent", a voluntary student radio station that is broadcasting on FM frequency 96.6 to the campus and citywide. Radio Bilkent provides an opportunity for Bilkent University students to gain social and professional experiences and adds value to the social and cultural life of Ankara with its organizations and programs. Radio may be listened live through Internet at Bilkent University students can follow the recent news about the station from the university newspaper, Bilkent News, and also from the radio's web site. Radio Bilkent's main studio is located in the Engineering Building top floor, and the second studio "Radio Bilkent Orçun Gül", is located in the food court on main campus.

Career Center (Aydan Öktem, Coordinator)

The Career Center provides career related services for Bilkent students throughout their university years. To prepare them for entering the business world, the Center offers workshop and seminars that focus on employment-seeking skills such as résumé writing, interviewing techniques, and career activities. Various companies, international organizations and government agencies refer to the Center to recruit graduates. In order to reunite students/graduates with the business world, the Career Center administers a CV Database where students and graduates upload their CVs and directly apply for positions; and companies release their job postings and poll amongst the current recorded CVs.

Psychological Counseling and Development Center (Nilgün Güler, Coordinator)

The Psychological Counseling and Development Center helps guide Bilkent students through their self-development journey. Helping students to develop an awareness of their potential and to apply this to their academic, professional, social and personal lives is the main focus of the center. Students who use the center's services are professionally supported in developing their unique personalities and creating a satisfying lifestyle. The services offered by the center are individual and group counseling for pressing needs as well as seminars, workshops and self-help materials for preventive purposes. Some of the topics covered in the preventive services are stress management; examination and performance anxiety; interpersonal communication; concentration and study skills; time management; realistic self-evaluation; intimate relations; problem solving; effective presentation skills, enhancing cognitive skills in learning; developmental stages of life; and importance of identity in personality development. The center also conducts surveys to identify the expectations and needs of the students. The results of these surveys contribute to the ongoing services program and also to planning future activities.

Alumni Center (Ayşe Tuğcu, Coordinator)

The Bilkent Alumni Center was established to provide the highest level of service to Bilkent University graduates. The Alumni Center's database has a total of more than 40,000 graduates. The primary objective of the Alumni Center is to facilitate communication among Bilkent graduates and strengthen their ties with the university. The Center organizes various activities for the alumni including the Annual Alumni Homecoming Weekend and the Graduation Party. In partnership with the Career Center, the Alumni Center keeps graduates informed about career opportunities.

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