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Ebru Kaya, Ph.D., Director

Bilkent University Library is a lending and research library where open stacks permit free access to the entire collection, except the rare book collections. The main library, housed in its own four-storey building at the center of the Main Campus, is open from 8:30 to 23:30 weekdays; from 9:00 to 23:30 weekends. The East Campus branch library is open from 8:30 to 17:00 on weekdays. Summer hours are announced.

Bilkent Library was the first Turkish university library to offer its users automated services through an integrated computer system. The system meets the needs of the 21st century library and its users. Search and discovery tools can manage and present library resources of all types and formats and give the users the power to discover the library collection in a single interface. It provides the use of an online public access catalog to all readers with access to computer terminals both in the libraries and elsewhere on campus as well as to researchers, any place in the world, with access to the internet. There are also 32 computers with internet access in the Reference and Current Periodicals Rooms for the purpose of searching e-resources and browsing the internet. Circulation of the collection is also automated. Wireless Internet access is available in both libraries.

The collection contains over one million items. The book collection, of over 497,629 printed books and 497,973 electronic books, increases by approximately 20,000 volumes annually. The library subscribes to 754 print journals from the USA and Europe and provides electronic access to over 109,315 e-journals. $3 million is spent each year on databases, books, journals and other resources, including DVDs and VCDs, maps, microforms, CD-ROMs, music scores and sound recordings. The library makes over 122 databases available online, which provide access to both citations and the fulltexts of journal articles, conference proceedings and papers and research material. Working papers and technical reports are received from leading research centers in Europe, USA, and Japan.

The Turkish Plastic Arts Archive makes available a file of over 50,000 newspaper clippings, magazine articles and exhibition materials (invitations, posters, catalogs). The collection has been catalogued and is accessible on the Internet.

Bilkent University Library has been designated by the Library of Congress to receive U.S. Government documents and makes them available in the Official Publications Room. The Bilkent University European Union Information Center opened in 2001 with the status of a full EUI serving as a depository for European Commission publications and World Bank regional publications

Materials of special interest to students include the "easy reading" section. The newspaper collection includes leading foreign newspapers. Daily newspapers and popular magazines can be read in the Newspaper and Magazine Reading Room. Photocopying is available in the library.

Reciprocal lending-borrowing agreements with a number of Ankara-area universities make it possible for Bilkent graduate students and faculty to borrow books from those libraries as well. Orientation tours of the Bilkent University Library are conducted on request in English and Turkish. The Main Library also houses an Art Gallery, with exhibitions running throughout the semester, and where regular musical performances and academic lectures are held. In order to make studying and research more pleasant there are two cafes in Main Library.

Further information about the Library and its collection can be found at:

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