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Ahmet Tevfik Hamamc─▒, Director

Bilkent University offers graduate and undergraduate student housing on campus, in twenty-six dormitory buildings accommodating more than 4,830 students. Advice and information about accommodation in dormitories can be obtained from the Dormitories Administration Office. Admission to the university does not automatically guarantee a space in the dormitories. Applications for housing must be submitted online through Bildorm-Dormitories Application System according to the time table announced each year.

To be considered for a space in the dormitories, students must meet all payment commitments (tuition and housing) on time.

The dormitories are within walking distance of academic buildings and provide a good environment where friendships can be made and social needs met. Students learn the value of collective living and the need to develop self-discipline. They are ultimately responsible for their individual conduct, but on-hand support is continuously provided to students by the staff in each dormitory building.

Rooms are arranged for single, double, triple and quadruple occupancies. Facilities within the dormitory complexes include central heating, social and study areas, laundry and ironing rooms, kitchens and bathing facilities.

All rooms are furnished and equipped with telephones and ethernet connection. General cleaning service is provided in each dormitory, but students are responsible for keeping their rooms tidy. Lavatories and showers are located on each floor. Students are required to provide their own towels. Food may be purchased from campus grocery stores or meals may be purchased at any of the restaurants or cafeterias on campus. There are parking lots at the dormitories.

Students who bring in their own computers are able to attach them directly into the university campus network from their dormitory rooms and have access to all network facilities.

Students may as well take advantage of wireless internet connection either in at least one study room in each dormitory building or in their rooms, by means of free routers obtainable from dormitory receptions, upon request.

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