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Undergraduate and Graduate Programs 2023-2024


Fees and Expenses

Fees and expenses for the 2020-2021 academic year are as follows:


Turkish citizens registered through central placement
    Admitted before 2016 44,440 TL (1% VAT included)
    Admitted between 2016 - 2019 47,136 TL (1% VAT included)
    Admitted in 2020 50,500 TL (1% VAT included)

International Students and those admitted from abroad
    Admitted before 2016 13,046 USD (1% VAT included)
    Admitted in 2016 or later 13,560 USD (1% VAT included)

Tuition fees are payable in two installments, before the registration dates of the fall and spring semesters. All fees are subject to adjustment each year according to changes in the cost of living.

Campus Housing:

There are Quadruple, Triple, Double, Single and Special (single room with private bath and shared kitchen) rooms available within the dormitories each having different rates. More information about the accommodation alternatives, application process, and prices can be found at

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