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Seyit Koçberber, Ph.D., Director

The Bilkent Computer Center (BCC) provides a variety of computing resources and services to meet the administrative, educational and research computing requirements of the university community. These services include providing computational, networking, and inter networking equipment, their hardware and software maintenance. Additionally, BCC develops in-house application software for the university itself including the academic information system, student information system and others.

Hardware Resources

Workstation and PC Laboratories

There are approximately 4,500 personal computers distributed in offices and laboratories throughout the campus; all connected to the campus network. BCC maintains 23 general purpose computer labs, populated with around 900 computers in total, for student and staff use. All users have access to laser printers and to the Internet. In addition to the BCC labs, many departments, schools and institutes maintain their individual educational and research labs.

Networking Capabilities

The campus network is built on a Gigabit Ethernet backbone. This star topology backbone connects all the faculties and buildings to the central switch via fiber-optic cables. Wireless network access points are scattered around the campus providing hot spots for mobile users.

All students and faculty are authorized to have accounts for their e-mail and access to the network and lab resources.

Dorm Net

Bilkent University's networking facilities are extended to the dormitories as well. All campus dormitory rooms are wired for the Ethernet and students living in the dormitories can connect their own computers to the campus network and the Internet.

Software Resources

BCC provides and maintains a wide variety of scientific tools at the users' disposal. These include statistical, mathematical, simulation libraries and packages together with various VLSI and graphics design tools and imaging tools. All modern and classical programming languages and development tools are available in various hardware platforms. State-of-the-art word processors, spreadsheets, database application software and presentation graphics software are available in most of the labs.

Some software developed in-house are also available to faculty, students and staff. The most widely used ones being AIRS (Academic Information Review System), SRS (Student Review System), and DAIS (Department Academic Information System). These are the most important tools to help the faculty and students in planning their course loads and academic preferences. ORS (Online Registration System) enables students to see and register to offered courses.

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