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Undergraduate and Graduate Programs 2019-2020

Academic Staff of Faculty of Education
Necmi Akşit
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Educational Science, Middle East Technical University, 1998. Curriculum development, educational administration, teacher education, English language teaching.  
Tijen Akşit
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Educational Sciences, Teaching English for Academic Purposes, Middle East Technical University, 2006. Educational management, English language teaching.  
Armağan Ateşkan
Assistant Professor of Teaching Practice
Ph.D., Computer Education and Instructional Technologies, Middle East Technical University, 2008. Science and biology education, environmental issues.  
Alipaşa Ayas
Professor in Residence
Ph.D., Educational Sciences, University of Southampton, 1993. Curriculum development, teacher education, concept development, assessment and evaluation.  
Reyyan Ayfer
M.S., Computer Engineering, Middle East Technical University, 1981. Database management, programming languages, data structures, information ethics and security.  
Erdat Çataloğlu
Visiting Associate Professor
Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction (science education), Pennsylvania State University, 2002. Computer instruction, science and physics education, assessment and evaluation.  
İlker Kalender
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Secondary Science and Mathematics Education, Middle East Technical University, 2011. Computerized adaptive testing procedures, detection of creating/aberrant response patternsthrough software, educational technology.  
Seyit Koçberber
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Computer Engineering and Information Science, Bilkent University, 1996. Information retrieval, database systems.  
Jennie Farber Lane
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2006. Biology education, education for sustainability, curriculum development.  
Aikaterini Michou
Assistant Professor (on leave)
Ph.D., Educational Sciences, University of Athens, 2005. Educational psychology, motivation in education.  
John O'Dwyer
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Curriculum and Project-Evaluation, University of Surrey, 2005.  
Rasim Özyürek
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Turkish Language Teaching, Baku State University, 1998.  
Hilal Peker
Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Education, University of Central Florida, 2016. TESOL, Second language motivational self-system. Early foreign language education.  
Margaret K. Sands
Adjunct Professor
Ph.D., Science Education, University of Nottingham, 1983. Science and biology education, assessment and evaluation, international project management.  
Sibel Uğurlubilek
M.S., Computer Engineering, Atilim University, 2005. Information technologies in education, programming for the internet.  

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