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Undergraduate and Graduate Programs 2023-2024

Academic Staff of Communication and Design
Hasan Yusuf Akçura
Cinematographer in Residence
B.A., French Language and Literature, Faculty of Letters, Department of Western Languages and Literatures, Ankara University, 1985.  
Boran Aksoy
M.F.A., Media and Design, Bilkent University, 2018.  
Jülide Akşiyote Görür
M.F.A., Photography and Related Media, School of Visual Arts, NY, 2000.  
Burcu Baykan
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Digital Arts and Humanities, Trinity College Dublin, 2017.  
Bülent Mehmet Çaplı
Professor in Residence
Ph.D., Communication, Istanbul University, 1990.  
Ayşenur Dal Tokdemir
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Communication, Ohio State University, Columbus, 2018.  
Robin Ann Downey
Assistant Professor of Teaching
Ph.D., Communication Studies, University of Calgary, 2009. Social shaping of technology theories, stakeholder analysis, technology assessment, technological controversies, risk studies, biotechnology, responsible innovation.  
Wickham Catesby Flannagan
M.F.A., Mass Communication, Southern Illinois University, 2017.  
Colleen Bevin Kennedy Karpat
Associate Professor
Ph.D., French Literature and Culture, Rutgers University, 2011.  
Egemen Kırkağaç
M.F.A., Media and Design, Bilkent University, 2017.  
Fulten Larlar
M.F.A., Motion Pictures and Television, San Francisco University, 2004.  
Müge Mengü Hale
M.A., Media Studies, The New School University, New York, 2006.  
Ufuk Önen
Sound Designer in Residence
Ph.D., Music, Media and Arts, The University of Salford, UK, 2017.  
Emel Özdora
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Mass Communication, University of Florida, 2009.  
Lutz Peschke
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Institute of Linguistics, Media and Sound Studies, University of Bonn, 2011.  
Andreas Treske
Senior Lecturer
M.A., Film Directing, Hochschule f?uuml;r Fernsehen und Film, Munich, 1992.  

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