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Undergraduate and Graduate Programs 2020-2021

Academic Staff of Archaeology
Julian Bennett
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Archaeology, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1991. Art, architecture, and archaelogy of the Roman World and early Byzantine Empire, Practical archaeology, archaeological drafting and surveying.  
Charles Gates
Senior Lecturer
Ph.D., Classical Archaeology, University of Pennsylvania, 1979. Aegean Bronze Age, Greek art and archaeology, Byzantine art and archaeology.  
Marie-Henriette Gates
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Literatures, Yale University, 1976. Archaeology of Mesopotamia, archaeology of Egypt, archaeology of Syria and Palestine, archaeological method and theory.  
Nebahat İlgi Gerçek
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Hittite and Mesopotamian Studies, University of Michigan, 2012. Ancient Near Eastern Languages and History.  
Dominique Tezgör Kassab
Ph.D., State Doctorate, History of Civilization and Archaeology, University of Human Sciences of Dijon, 1993. Greek and Roman Archaeology, Ceramic production and trade in Black Sea.  
Thomas Zimmermann
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Regensburg University, 2006. European and Anatolian prehistory and protohistory, Archaeometallurgy.  

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