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Academic Staff of Industrial Engineering
Mehmet Selim Aktürk
Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Lehigh University, 1990. Hierarchical planning of large scale systems, cellular manufacturing systems, advanced manufacturing technologies, production scheduling.  
Çağın Ararat
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Princeton University, 2015. Financial mathematics, risk measures, systemic risk; convex analysis, set-valued functions, Aumann integrals.  
Arnab Basu
Visiting Associate Professor
Ph.D., Computer and System Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundemental Research, 2007. Stochastic Control and Games, Stochastic Learning Theory, Multi- Agent Learning Systems, General Equilibrium Analysis and Algorithmic Economics, Algebraic and Geometric Techniques in Learning.  
Özlem Çavuş İyigün
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Operations Research, Rutgers University, 2012. Risk-Averse Dynamic Optimization, Markov Decision Processes, Stochastic Optimization.  
Savaş Dayanık
Ph.D., Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Columbia University, 2002. Stochastic processes and modeling, stochastic dynamic programming, stochastic optimal control. Applications to financial engineering, statistics, and operations management.  
Nesim Kohen Erkip
Professor (on leave)
Ph.D., Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Stanford University, 1984. Multi-echelon inventory systems, Analytical models for supply chain management, inventory/production planning under uncertainty.  
Ülkü Gürler
Ph.D., Statistics, University of Pennsylvania, 1990. Stochastic inventory models, reliability and maintenance survival analysis. Nonparametric estimation, Bayesian analysis.  
Tagi Hanalioğlu
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Management Sciences, University of Waterloo, 2018. Prescriptive analytics, large-scale optimization, brain connectivity networks, healthcare operations.  
Oya Karaşan
Ph.D., Operations Research, Rutgers University, 1997. Combinatorial optimization, mathematical programming, network flows, theoretical computer science.  
Yiğit Karpat
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Rutgers University, 2007. Manufacturing systems and processes, micro/nano technologies.  
Özlem Karsu
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Operational Research, London School of Economics, 2014. Multicriteria decision making, inequity-averse optimization, health care resource allocation, assignment problems.  
Ayşe Selin Kocaman
Associate Professor (on leave)
Ph.D., Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia University, 2013. Energy infrastructure design, planning, modeling, optimization of power systems, renewable, sustainable energy resources, rural electrification, sustainable development.  
Emre Nadar
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Operations Management and Manufacturing, Carnegie Mellon University, 2012. Markov decision processes, supply chain management, sustainable operations.  
Mustafa Çelebi Pınar
Ph.D., Systems Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 1992. Mathematical programming, quadratic programming, network optimization.  
Nil Şahin
Ph.D., Mathematics, Middle East Technical University, 2012. Commutative Algebra, Computational Algebraic Geometry, Arf rings and Monomial Curves.  
Alper Şen
Professor (on leave)
Ph.D., Business Administration, University of Southern California, 2000. Revenue management, inventory theory, supply chain management, machine scheduling.  
Firdevs Ulus
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Princeton University, 2015. Multi-objective and vector optimization, algorithms, financial applications.  
Emre Uzun
Ph.D., Management, Rutgers University, 2015. Security Analysis of Access Control Systems.  
Zehranaz Varol
Bahar Yetiş
Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Bilkent University, 1999. Hub location problems, hazardous materials transportation, bi-level optimization, mathematical programming.  

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