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Academic Staff of Chemistry
Engin Umut Akkaya
Ph.D., Chemistry, The Ohio State University, Columbus 1989. Molecular and Supramolecular Synthetic Chemistry and Exploration of Emerging Functions.  
Fahri Alkan
Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Delaware, 2016. Atomically precise nanoclusters, quantum effects in plasmon coupling, approximate-TDDFT methods, computational NMR.  
Bilge Baytekin
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Chemistry, Free University of Berlin, 2008. Mechanochemistry, organic materials chemistry, electrostatics.  
Ömer Dağ
Ph.D., Chemistry, Middle East Technical University, 1994. Synthesis, characterization and spectroscopy of solid-state materials.  
Ferdi Karadaş
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, Texas A ?amp; M University, 2009. Synthesis and characterization of magnetic and parous inorganic materials.  
Zeki Cemal Kuruoğlu
Ph.D., Theoretical Chemistry/Chemical Physics, University of Florida, 1978. Chemical reaction dynamics, quantum theory of scattering, few-body problems, numerical methods for quantum mechanical calculations.  
Halil İbrahim Okur
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Chemistry, Penn State University, 2014. Biointerfaces, water, nano-emulsions, biomacromolecules, lipid droplet organelles, specific ion effects, nonlinear spectroscopy, second harmonic generation.  
Emrah Özensoy
Ph.D., in Physical Chemistry, Texas A ?amp; M University , 2004. Catalytic properties of surfaces and nanostructures, model catalyst design at the atomic level, spectroscopic investigation of single crystals and ultra-thin metal-oxide films.  
Şefik Süzer
Ph.D., Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, 1976. Electron, ion and photon spectroscopic analyses of gases, solids and surfaces.  
Yunus Emre Türkmen
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, The University of Chicago, 2012. Non-covalent interactions in organocatalysis, natural product total synthesis.  
Burak Ülgüt
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Analytical and Physical Chemistry, Cornell University, 2007. Electron Transfer through molecules and assemblies.  

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