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Undergraduate and Graduate Programs 2020-2021

Academic Staff of Physics
Ceyhun Bulutay
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Middle East Technical University, 1997. Computational semiconductor physics.  
Şahin Büyükdağlı
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Theoretical Physics, University Joseph Fourier, 2007. Statistical physics, biophysical modelling.  
Salim Çıracı
Ph.D., Condensed Matter Physics, Stanford University, 1974. Surface physics, electronic structures of solids, electron systems of lower dimensionality, mesoscopic physics, scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopy, chemisorption theory, metallization, strained semiconductor superlattices.  
Hilmi Volkan Demir
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, 2004. Optoelectronics light-emitting diodes (LEDs), semiconductor nanocrystals, energy transfer driven devices and sensors, nanoparticles/nanocomposites, optoelectronics, RF sensing bioimplants and medical devices.  
Atilla Erçelebi
Ph.D., Condensed Matter Physics, Middle East Technical University, 1980. Polarons and bipolarons, electron-phonon interactions, excitons, low dimensional systems.  
Ahmet Züfer Eriş
Senior Lecturer
Ph.D., Mathematical Physics, Middle East Technical University, 1976. Classical Field Theories, General Relativity, Integrable Systems.  
Oğuz Gülseren
Ph.D., Condensed Matter Physics, Bilkent University, 1992. Theoretical Solid State Physics, nanoscience, metal nanowires, carbon nanotubes, exotic superconductors high pressure-high temperature properties of metals, phonons and vibrational spectra.  
Balazs Hetenyi
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Chemical Physics, Columbia University, 1999. Theoretical condensed matter physics: phasetransitions, strongly correlated systems, metal-insulator transition.  
Fatih Ömer İlday
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Cornell University, 2003. Non-linear optics, ultrafast optical phenomena.  
Mehmet Özgür Oktel
Ph.D., Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000. Theoretical condensed matter physics, atomic physics.  
Ekmel Özbay
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, 1992. Nanotechnology, nanophotonics, nanoelectronics, metamaterials, GaN MOCVD growth, GaN devices, photonic crystals, physics and applications of nanostructures, photonic devices, nanosensors.  
Bilal Tanatar
Ph.D., Condensed Matter Physics, University of Delaware, 1987. Theory of quantum solids and liquids, low dimensional electron systems, computational physics.  
Onur Tokel
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Applied Physics, Cornell University, 2011.  
Cemal Yalabık
Professor (on leave)
Ph.D., Condensed Matter Physics, Brown University, 1976. Statistical mechanics: dynamics of phase transitions and critical phenomena, quantum mechanical simulation of electronic devices.  

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