Academic Staff of International Relations
Ersel Aydınlı
Ph.D., Political Science, McGill University, 2002. International Relations Theory, International Security and Globalization.  
Tuğba Bayar
Ph.D., International Relations, Otto Friedrich University, Bamberg, 2014. International regimes, security regimes, nuclear non-proliferation, Middle East.  
Hatice Pınar Bilgin
Ph.D., International Politics, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, 2000. Security Studies, Critical International Relations Theory, Critical Security Studies.  
Selver Buldanlıoğlu Şahin
Assistant Professor (on leave)
Ph.D., Political Science, University of Canterbury, 2008. Contemporary International interventions, Security sector reform, democratisation, peace building after conflict, politics and society of the Balkans and Southeast Asia.  
Berk Esen
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Political Science and Government, Cornell University, 2015. International Political Economy, Democratization and Authoritarian Regimes, State-building, Comparative Historical Analysis, Political Economy of Development, Turkish Foreign Policy, Middle East and Latin American Politics.  
Tore Fougner
Associate Professor (on leave)
Ph.D., International Relations, Keele University, 2002. Global Political Economy, Global Governance, International Relations Theory, Critical Theory, Gender, Labour.  
Serdar Ş. Güner
Associate Professor
Ph.D., International Relations, University of Geneva, 1990. Game Theory, Foreign Policy Analysis and Conflict Resolution.  
Samuel John Hirst
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., History, University of Pennsylvania, 2012. Transnational history, diplomatic history, Russian history, Turkish history, Russian-Turkish relations, Decolonization, Nationalism.  
Clemens Maximilian Hoffmann
Assistant Professor (on leave)
Ph.D., International Relations, University of Sussex, 2010. Historical Sociology, International Relations Theory, State Formation, Environment, African Politics, Ottoman Empire, Turkish Foreign Policy.  
Pınar İpek
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., International Relations, University of Pittsburgh, 2003. International Political Economy, Energy Security, Turkish Political Economy, European Union Energy Policy.  
Onur İşçi
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., History, Georgetown University, 2014. Diplomatic History, Cold War Studies, Imperial/Soviet Russian History, Ottoman/Turkish Foreign Affairs.  
Sırrı Hakan Kırımlı
Associate Professor
Ph.D., History, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1991. Russian and Soviet Studies, History of the Crimea, Volga-Ural Region, and the Caucasus.  
Seçkin Köstem
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Political Science, McGill University, 2016. International Political Economy, Regional and Rising Powers, Russia, Eurasia.  
Tudor A. Onea
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Political Studies, Queen's University, 2010. The role of status in great power relations; grand strategy; and contemporary US foreign policy.  
İbrahim Özgür Özdamar
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Political Science, University of Missouri-Columbia, 2006. International Relations Theory, Foreign Policy Analysis, Research Methods, American Foreign Policy, Black Sea Politics.  
Norman Stone
M.A., History, Cambridge University, 1965. Central European and Russian History, Military History, Economic Systems.  
Dimitri Tsarouhas
Associate Professor (on leave)
Ph.D., Politics, The University of Sheffield, 2005. European Integration, Political Economy, EU-Turkey Relations, Comparative European Politics.  

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