ENG 401 Technical Report Writing and Presentation

The object of this course is to assist engineering students in effectively presenting various types of information in both the written and oral modes. Students will be expected to become competent in writing and organizing technical reports and in effectively presenting academic and technical papers. The tasks performed as part of the course will mirror the tasks students will be expected to do in their prospective professional lives and in their faculty classes. Credit units: 2 ECTS Credit units: 4, Prerequisite: ENG 102 or ENG 104.

Autumn Semester (Emel Bekişoğlu, Talip Esmer, Sibel Evliyagil, Julia Goggin, Sema Keşkekci, Resmiye Koç, Philip Poole, Semih Sert)

Spring Semester (Emel Bekişoğlu, Marlene Denice Elwell, Julia Goggin, Sema Keşkekci, Resmiye Koç, Pınar Esma Önkol, Philip Poole, Semih Sert)

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