CTIS 252 Object Oriented Programming II

Advanced subjects of object oriented programming in Java. JApplet, multi-Frame, JDialog, Java I/O, file operators, object serialization, Generics, Collections, Threaded and multi-threaded programming, Thread Synchronization, JDBC, overview of SQL Language, overview of JDBC and its drivers, JDBC API: connections, statements, result sets, using JDBC: updates, queries, basic networking, overview of networking, networking concepts, identifying the computer's IP address, using the Inet Address Class, Sockets, implementing the Client Side of a Socket, implementing the Server Side of a Socket, Developing a multi-threaded Server, Datagram Socket, Servlet, Java Server Pages, personalizing the Site, displaying Dynamic Contents, Remote Method Invocation (RMI), Java Beans, J2EE, Model View Controller (MVC). Credit units: 5 ECTS Credit units: 7.5, Prerequisite: CTIS 251.

Spring Semester (Burcu Liman, Neşe Şahin Özçelik)

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