POLS 466 Issues in Political Theory

Since Plato the relationship between aesthetics and ethics has been insolvable. In political theory, also subject to controversy are "aestheticized reality", de-politization and postmodern representations. This course, at the outset, examines different connotations of aesthetics and its conceptual interdependence on ethics. In the second part it analyzes the impact of aesthetics on the moral and political distinctions between the good and evil. In the third part it reviews the relationship between aesthetics, ethics and different conceptualizations of politics. In each part in order to discuss possible implications of viewing "political realities" from aesthetical-ethical points of view, it offers some historical case studies on wars, Auschwitz, communist experimentations with reality, as well as the twenty first century episodes of suicide bombing, torture and the dismembering of human sensibilities. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5.

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