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PSYC 322 Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

This course provides an introduction to the new field of developmental cognitive neuroscience. The topics include: The Biology of Change, Methods and Populations, From Gene to Brain, Building a Brain, Vision, Orienting and Attention, Perceiving and Acting in the Social World, Long-Term Memory, Language, Prefrontal Cortex Working Memory and Decision-Making, Cerebral Lateralization, and Educational Neuroscience. Students will be given the opportunity to attend bi-weekly sessions which introduce them to the main concepts associated with the subject matter of the course. During these sessions students will have the opportunity to actively discuss specific issues, participate in class and even present relevant papers. The research proposal module provides students with the opportunity to work with other members of their group to develop a research proposal to address an issue that will fill an important gap in the literature relevant to the subject matter of the course. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5, Prerequisite: PSYC 220.

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