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Undergraduate and Graduate Programs 2018-2019

ENG 102 English and Composition II

The central basis of ENG 102 is to consolidate students' academic approach to thinking, reading, speaking and writing and language usage, as initiated in ENG 101. In addition, the ENG 102 course aims to develop the students' abilities to synthesise and evaluate information and conduct basic, independent research. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5, Prerequisite: ELS 101 or ENG 101 or ENG 103.

Autumn Semester (Semra Akbaş, Emel Bekişoğlu, Türküm Azmiye Cankatan, Hossein Dabir, Talip Esmer, Özge Ezici Çetin, Hakan Güven, Ceylan Kızılduman Yazıcı, Zeynep Özek Vural, Semih Sert, Peter Paul Stephan, Gülnur Uğuz, Lorna Yeşilkaya, Bengü Yurtseven)

Spring Semester (Staff)

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