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ENG 101 English and Composition I

The central basis of ENG 101 is to introduce students to an academic approach to thinking, reading, speaking and writing in an integrated, meaningful manner such that they are able to apply the skills learnt to their departmental studies. In addition, the ENG 101 course aims to further develop the students' linguistic accuracy and range in English. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5.

Autumn Semester (Semra Akbaş, Ayşe Akçam Hendry, John Paul Alff, Heather Maria Baba, Andrew Bonar, David Christopher Butcher, Elif Çotuksöken, Jeffrey Michael Doonan, Ahu Ertan, Trey Collier Erwin, Sibel Evliyagil, Andrew Justin Gehring, Hakan Güven, Andrew William Hassell, Ceylan Kızılduman Yazıcı, Melanie Ann Kincl, Marinus Hendrik Johanne Langbroek, Jacob Neal Minniear, Donna Cristina Moros, Yan Trefor Overfield Shaw, Elif Hande Özer, Jennifer Lyn Schroeder, Ersin Soylu, Peter Paul Stephan, Sarah Melissa Stevens Hassell, Ian Turner, Jill Marie Wigert, Katherine Halley Willcox Özsarı, Bengü Yurtseven)

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