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COMD 442 Directing Actors

Directing Actors course offers instruction and practice in the basics of directing actors for the camera and will guide the students to understand the actor's creative process of building the character. It will introduce students to on-camera performance in various genres, and will address the technical requirements of directing the TV and film actor such as blocking, playing to the camera, shooting out of sequence, and other production considerations. The course includes significant on-camera scene-work, character development, script analysis; breaking down the screenplay into a lined script, a storyboard and a shot list. Casting, rehearsal technique, and blocking issues will be explored in depth. Readings, exercises, screenings and other assignments are designed to sharpen the director's narrative and visual awareness. Through observations and reviewing of the video recordings of exercises following scene study practices, this course will familiarize students with the collaborative and creative director/crew/actor relationship on set. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5, Prerequisite: COMD 305 or COMD 381.

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