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Undergraduate and Graduate Programs 2020-2021

CTIS 480 iOS Application Development

A programming course for iOS enabled devices. Overview of iOS, App store, creating developer account, using Xcode, understanding iOS frameworks, understanding model-view-controller, learning Objective-C, learning Swift, using Storyboard, using Playground, using different view controllers, view controller lifecycle, understanding views outlets and actions, writing basic applications and testing them, alerts, timers, gestures, graphics and multimedia programming, persistence, documents and core data, file handling, database storage, accessing built-in applications, push notifications, web services, displaying maps, sensor programming, iCloud programming, Bonjour programming, Bluetooth programming. Credit units: 4 ECTS Credit units: 6.5, Prerequisite: CTIS 310 and CTIS 487.

Autumn Semester (Seyid Amjad Ali)

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