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CTIS 479 C# Programming in the .NET Framework

This course introduces students to the .NET framework and provides the necessary skills and knowledge to design and develop applications in the .NET framework by using C# programming language. In this course, students will have hands-on experience on object oriented programming concepts with .NET framework features such as creating windows and web applications (ASP.NET), managing data with ADO.NET and Language-Integrated Query (LINQ), using Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern will be covered. Students who want to take this course must have good knowledge of object-oriented programming principles and have hands-on experience with an object-oriented programming language (e.g., C++, java). Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5, Prerequisite: ( CTIS 221 OR CTIS 251) AND CTIS 310.

Spring Semester (Neşe Şahin Özçelik)

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