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CTIS 417 Software Design Patterns

Software quality attributes can be classified as internal and external. Code reusability, maintainability, and portability are the examples of internal software quality attributes. System performance, scalability, and availability are the examples of external software quality attributes. Design patterns in general describe the best practices for a specific type of design problem based on the fundamental design principles. Low-level software design patterns deal with the internal software quality attributes. High-level architectural design patterns deal with the external software quality attributes. This course teaches students how to design quality software systems by applying both the software and architectural design patterns. In this course, application of design patterns is based on object-oriented methodology by using JAVA. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5, Prerequisite: (CTIS 222 OR CTIS 252) AND CTIS 310.

Autumn Semester (Beyhan Akporay)

Spring Semester (Beyhan Akporay)

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