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MBA 582 New Product Design and Marketing

New products and services are vital to the success of all companies and their brands. However, innovation is risky and most new products fail in the marketplace. Ineffective marketing is the primary cause of new products failures whose financial impact to the economy is significant. Thus, expertise in the marketing and design of new products is a critical skill for all managers, inside and outside of the marketing department. In this course, we focus on the tools and techniques associated with analyzing market opportunities and then designing, testing and introducing new products and services. Both quantitative and qualitative approaches are demonstrated. In particular during the course, students will analyze real case studies and competitive team projects to apply the new product development process, market entry strategies, how to generate new products ideas, mapping customer perceptions, segmentation, product positioning, forecasting market demand, and product design. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5.

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