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MBA 525 Investment Analysis II

This course builds on the fundamentals of finance and discusses particular advanced topics in investment analysis. The content and focus of the course are designed to reflect the current needs and emphasis of the finance practitioners and theorists. Currently, private equity and venture capital finance have received increased attention. This course focuses almost exclusively and specifically on the valuation of investments. As opposed to traditional private financial activity, institutional investors, specialized private equity firms, and lightly regulated funds/funds have been central to the new private equity world. The skills and frameworks are similar to those employed in traditional corporate finance, but are, of necessity, more focused on identification of opportunities, projected cash flow, return enhancement, developing value and deal making. The course provides the intellectual framework used in the private equity process, valuation in private equity settings, creating term sheets, the process of due diligence and deal structuring. The course assumes that students have familarity of the basic concepts from first year MBA courses in finance and accounting. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5.

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