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LAW 375 Turkish Constitutional History

1808 Charter of Alliance (Sened-i İttifak), 1839 Edict of Tanzimat, 1856 Edict of Islahat, Proclamation of Constitution of 1876, Suspension of the Parliament, Second Constitutionalist Era (1908), 1909 Amendments, World War, Dissolution of the Parliament, Establishment of Grand National Assembly, Constitution of 1921, Proclamation of Republic, Constitution of 1924, Transition to multi-party system, 1960 Military Intervention (coup d'etat), 1961 Constitution, 1971 amendments, 1980 Military Intervention (coup d'état), National Security Council Era, 1982 Constitution, Elections. (in Turkish) Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5, Prerequisite: LAW 104.

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