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HIST 589 History of Arab Nationalism in the Middle East

This course explores the birth, triumph and fall of Arab nationalism in the Middle East. The course focuses on historical events, political leaders and movements all of which defined and shaped the nature of the movement. Concepts such as Arabism, Arab unity, Arab nationalism are among the terms that we will investigate along with their contextualization in different regions of the Middle East by various actors. Factors which contributed to the development and/or decline of the Arab nationalist movement will be examined are: colonialism, the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, the World War I and WW-II, the emergence of the State of Israel, the Egyptian Revolution and the rise of Al-Nasser, Islamic resurgence and the recent incidents in the region. The ideological links between Arab nationalism and modern radical movements will also be examined. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5.

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