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HIST 5531 ''A Great Sea and It's History'' :The Mediterranean from the Classical Era to the Ottoman Period

This course aims to examine the history of the Mediterranean Sea in the longue durée from the Golden era of Greece to the Ottoman times (i.e. 500 BCE to 1550s CE.). It aims to present students with the historiographical debates (from Braudel to Pirenne, from Horden-Purcell to Abulafia) and different conceptualizations of the Mediterranean as a historical space. It analyzes the factors leading to ebbs and flows characterizing the process of unification of the Mediterranean, or conversely what brought the end of that unity. Trade, culture, or the environment all played a great role in the movement of people, goods, and ideas. The course will also examine the historical patterns of state development, economic growth, cultural change, and imperial conflict that shaped Mediterranean societies from Classical Greece to the Ottoman Era. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5.

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