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HIST 5521 History of Mediterranean Islands (From Byzantium to the Ottomans :550-1571 CE.)

This course aims to examine the history of the Mediterranean Sea from the view-point of its islands in the longue durée from the Byzantine Empire to the Ottoman times (i.e. 550 to 1571 CE.). The image of islands in Mediterranean historiography has often been an ambivalent one. Braudel confesses to its fascination for islands as miniature continents or as small but indispensable landfalls along the sea routes and between islands themselves and the sea-coast. In this light, this course will begin by considering the concept of insularity itself in a cross-cultural historical, perspective, paying particular attention to the role played by islands as gateway communities in the Byzantine era as well as under the Beyliks and Ottoman rule: for islands always promoted social encounters and cultural interchange across different time periods. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5.

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