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POLS 635 Politics of Turkish Modernization

This course will explore the main themes around which Turkish modernization have revolved throughout the 20th century. First, the course will focus on debates and controversies over modernization, Westernization, nationalism and secularism as they become the main themes of the constitutive norms of the modern Turkish Republic. After briefly tracing the historical developments around these themes that have shaped Turkish society and politics since the founding of the Republic, the rest of the course examines different dimensions of the institutionalization and the negotiation of Turkish nationalism and its aspirations for a West-oriented modernity in various contexts of politics and daily life. Mainly, such negotiations are traced in daily life contexts such as the use of public spaces, urban planning issues, differentiation of gender roles, or trends in popular culture such as in music, political cartoons, films or television programs. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5.

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