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POLS 608 Politics, Culture, Nation and Gender

This course takes the realm of urban daily life as the locus of politics and investigates different dimensions of the making of national identities in relation to issues of gender, race, ethnicity, and class. The readings have been structured so as to explore the complexity of national identities and founding ideologies around several dimensions. First, they will address the ways in which national ideologies are constructed and propagated in relation to race, ethnicity, gender, class, religion or colonial relations, as one or several of these elements converge in the making and contestations of national ideologies in different contexts. Second, the course will simultaneously explore different mediums of representation in the making and contestation of national ideologies, ranging from popular music, novels, architecture, art, films and mass media to clothing, food and other daily practices. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5.

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