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IR 5118 Global Perspectives on IR Theory

Global Perspective on IR Theory is designed for graduate students who wish to build on their IR Theory Introductory courses and attain mastery over one of the most important and controversial topics in the discipline. It is composed of four parts. In Part I, students will be provided a brief crash course on the origins of the IR discipline and discuss prominent mainstream theoretical approaches, including Realism, Liberalism, the English School, and Constructivism on the one hand, and engage with a selection of prominent critiques like Gramscian IR, Postmodernism, and Feminist IR. The first three weeks will help frame the succeeding discussions and, also, serve as a useful guide for students with previously-limited engagement with IR Theories. Part II is a primer on the sociology of the IR discipline and the ongoing discussion on the intellectual core-periphery relations therein. Students will be exposed to the key readings in a multi-decade global conversation, including the recent "Homegrown-turn in IR" and the controversies surrounding the "Global IR" discussion that seeks to pluralize the discipline. Next, Part III presents a survey of IR theorizing outside of the "American core." Here, students will survey alternative IR approaches from all over the Non-Western and "Non-American" world as well as IR Theorizing in Turkey. In Part IV, students will apply their learning to various issue areas in IR as they participate in student-led workshops. We will reflect on our intellectual discoveries and deliberate on IR pedagogy and imagine the ideal course in the concluding week. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5.

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