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IR 362 Decolonization and International Relations

Empire, even after most formal aspects of European colonial domination have ended, continues to shape our world. In the 1960s, the term "Decolonization" came into widespread use when the independence of former colonies across Asia and Africa seemed to have become an unstoppable historical process. And yet, already in the middle of that decade, Kwame Nkrumah published Neo-Colonialism. He argued that formal dependency had given way to other kinds of dependencies, that the afterlives of empire were strong. Recently, scholars have drawn attention to the ways that current issues in international relations - from migration to international aid to the tactics of counter-insurgency - have been shaped by the history of empire and the dismantling of imperial institutions. This course examines ways that Decolonization shaped international relations in the twentieth century and the ways in which it influences processes that have continue into the twenty-first century. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5.

Spring Semester (Samuel John Hirst)

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