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IR 351 Globalization

The focus of this course is globalization-a concept encompassing the transnational linkages that increasingly characterize today's world. As an introductory course, the aim is to develop a base of knowledge, analytical skills, and a vocabulary of concepts useful both for understanding globalization and for further engagement with the multi-dimensional concerns of International Relations. It also aims to analyze and predict the emerging dynamics of global politics, not necessarily only related to international patterns but to include as well transnational and domestic politics. In the course we will examine "global" theories that seek broadly to explain the patterns of interaction and conflict that are likely to dominate our world in the near and longer-term; try to situate globalization in historical context; and look at the relationships between globalization and culture, people flows across state borders, nationalism and ethnicity, security, democracy, religious fundamentalism, gender, the environment, and economics. Finally, we will consider these concepts by looking at their interaction in the Turkish case. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5.

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