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ECON 464 Global Trading

The course focuses on the details of the global currency trading, mainly on trading in the foreign currency spot market. Buying and selling patterns, as well as volatility behavior in the market will be presented. A special focus on technical analysis in the foreign exchange market, including Japanese Candlesticks and Fibonacci numbers along several other tools, will be discussed. Determining and interpreting both short and long term movements in the global currency markets will be explored. The course will include a discussion of the world's major currencies and the distinct characteristics of each currency market. The discussions will include not only theoretical analysis but will also include practical global currency trading and allow students to practice such real world issues through on hand exercises. These exercises will be carried out using up-to-date trading platforms, such as Trademaster and the likes. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5, Prerequisite: (ECON 101 or ECON 107) and (ECON 102 or ECON 108).

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