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ECON 402 Seminar in Macroeconomic Policy

The course aims to develop the student's skills to undertake an independent research project in the area of macroeconomics. The structure of the course is designed to improve student's presentation and writing skills. The course outline includes a comprehensive reading list in macroeconomics theory and policy issues. he students are required to gain familiarity with the topics through weekly in-class discussions, presentations and written reports. Furthermore the students are required to demonstrate proficiency in a strand of literature chosen from the assigned reading list, formulate an academic hypothesis and complete a research report as part of the course requirements. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5, Prerequisite: ECON 204 and ECON 206.

Autumn Semester (Selin Sayek Böke)

Spring Semester (Sang Seok Lee)

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