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MAN 492 Business Studies and Practice

This course is designed to enable students to connect their theoretical learning in various areas of business and the business world in practice. To that end, the students in this course will find the opportunity to engage with and experience first-hand an actual business that will serve as a ``host company''. The focus area of this engagement (for example, a business problem, process, or an achievement) will be negotiated and determined in advance among host company officials, course coordinator, and the Faculty management. Following a period of in-class preparation, student teams will then be expected to conduct an applied field study are expected to be supported and contextualized through a general analysis of the host company and the industry in which it operates. In addition to various interim assignments, the end of semester deliverables for the course are a written presentation of the findings in the form of a practicum report, and an oral presentation to be delivered to the course coordinator, company officials. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5, Prerequisite: MAN 321 and MAN 335 and MAN 341.

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