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MAN 456 Business Analytics

The aim of this course is to teach how analytics can be combined with data and programming to solve real-life business problems including but not limited to inventory management, resource planning, credit risk management, cryptocurrency and forex trading, financial portfolio optimization, arbitrage, initial coin offerings (ICO), customer segmentation and pricing. In general, this course provides an understanding of how various analytics methodologies can be applied to operations management, revenue management, finance and marketing functions of businesses. This is the only course at Bilkent University combining business decision-making with data, programming, and optimization. Our aim is not to teach students basic optimization, forecasting, and machine learning techniques. We expect that enrolling students are either familiar with those concepts or willing to build a background on them by self-study. We will provide self-study material on those methodologies whenever it is necessary. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5, Prerequisite: ECON 222 and MAN 256.

Autumn Semester (Yasemin Limon)

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