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Undergraduate and Graduate Programs 2023-2024

HART 117 Ways of Seeing: Approaches to Art and Architectural History

A thematic introduction to great works of art and architecture, techniques of analysis, and methods of interpretation. Examples studied will be taken from cultures around the world, ancient, medieval, and modern, with the majority coming from the western tradition. Themes explored will include: form; style; iconography (the subject matter of art); images of the sacred; architecture and ritual; politics and art; landscapes and natural settings; private architecture: the house; and perspectives from sociology, Marxism, feminism, and semiotics. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5.

Autumn Semester (Julian Bennett, Aysun Çadallı, Barbora Weissova)

Spring Semester (Julian Bennett, Peter Louis M. Talloen, Barbora Weissova)

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