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AMER 484 21st Century African American Novel and Social Change

The African American novel in the twenty-first century represents the white normative everyday life as a problematic at a time when the social reality is defined by anti-blackness, especially in the recent police violence against predominantly unarmed young black men, while it continues to be protested by the "Black Lives Matter" movement. In this respect, the post-9/11 African American "neo-urban novel," and "neo-resistance novels" of the Black Lives Matter era make an effective critique of white supremacy in alternative spaces wherein they embrace black life. The contradictory nature of everyday life, produced by the clash of narratives of the American democracy and anti-blackness, figures into the African American novels that address personal and social transformative change. Hence, this course explores how black people contest their racialized identities and roles in the works of novelists such as Walter Mosley, Marita Golden, Daniel Black, Victoria C. Murray, Kalisha Buckhanon, and Ben Burgess Jr. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5.

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