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GE 401 Innovative Design and Entrepreneurship I

The first one of a sequence of two courses - namely GE 401 and GE 402. Fundamentals of design - from the conception of an idea to a marketable end product within the framework of a simulated start-up company. Inception of a start-up company. Business plan preparation; fundamentals of project management; product design stages; incorporation of standards, quality directives, social and environmental factors. Seminars by experts in the field. Concept demonstration of the end-product. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 6.5, Prerequisite: (EEE212 and EEE313 and EEE321) or (CS202 and CS319) or ((IE271 or IE272) and IE 375) or MAN 321 or ECON 301 or GRA 301 or COMD 305 .

Autumn Semester (Jülide Akşiyote Görür, Özgür Tolga Baycan, H. Altay Güvenir, Yiğit Karpat, Mehmet Alper Kutay, Aydın Örsan Örge)

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