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MBG 230 Experimental Approaches in Molecular and Cellular Biology

This course introduce a substantial theoretical basis to understand key experimental techniques used in modern molecular biology research; focusing on the techniques and concepts that involve genetic engineering; restriction enzymes, cloning DNA plasmid constructs and the analysis of DNA/RNA samples, creating and screening a library, probe labeling and hybridization, PCR, q-RT-PCR, DNA sequencing techniques, manipulating gene expression in prokaryotes, heterologous protein production in eukaryotes, cell growth and cytotoxicity assays, Cell adhesion, invasion, motility, apoptosis assays, molecular diagnostics, protein therapeutics, nucleic acids as therapeutics, transgenic animals. It provides to students with a thorough understanding of the physical-chemical and biological principles underlying the most basic techniques and procedures used in molecular biology. Examples will be given on learning how to understand and interpret results generated through these methods. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5, Prerequisite: MBG 101.

Spring Semester (Işık Yuluğ)

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