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Undergraduate and Graduate Programs 2023-2024

CHEM 340 Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

Crystal growth in gels. Synthesis of isomorphous compounds. Structural, electrical and magnetic properties of perovskite ceramics. Preparation and characterization of polythionates. Interchalogenes: synthesis of iodine trichloride. Isopolyvanadates. Acid-base chemistry: determination of the nature of bonding in DMSO complex of copper(II). Spectrophotometric determination of the formula of a coordination complex and equilibrium constant. Spectrochemical series of Co(III) complexes. Microscale determination of magnetic susceptibility with Evans balance. Geometric isomers of coordination complexes. Linkage isomers of coordination complexes. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5, Prerequisite: CHEM 102.

Spring Semester (Ömer Dağ)

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