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PHYS 556 Scattering Theory

Coordinate and momentum representations. Types of convergence of state vectors and operators on the Hilbert space. Formal time-dependent theory of scattering: Moller wave operators, scattering operator. Unitarity of S-operator, conservation of energy, scattering amplitude, cross section, optical theorem. Computational wave-packet methods for time-dependent scattering theory. Time-independent scattering theory, resolvent operators and resolvent relations, Lippmann-Schwinger (LS) equation in operator form. LS equation in coordinate and momentum representations. Born-Neumann series. Partial-wave decomposition. K-matrix formulation. Numerical methods for the solution of LS equation. Variational methods: Kohn and Schwinger variational principles. Multi-channel scattering for inelastic collisions. Basic concepts and issues in the treatment of rearrangement collisions. Faddeev theory of three-particle scattering with rearrangement and breakup. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5.

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