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PHYS 180 Conceptual Physics

This course is an overview of conceptual physics for non-science majors with very little background in mathematics and physics. The objective of this physics course is to provide students with an introduction to the world of physics on a conceptual level. Physics is happening all around us, even if you do not expect to work as a scientist or engineer, you will find out that physics applies directly to many diverse fields from driving your car to sports or even cooking. The main topics will be studied include: concepts from mechanics, relativity, electricity and magnetism, light, waves, matter waves, concepts from quantum physics, the atom. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 5.

Autumn Semester (Ceren Sibel Sayın, Ali Ulvi Yılmazer)

Spring Semester (Ceren Sibel Sayın, Ali Ulvi Yılmazer)

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