Academic Staff of Faculty of Business Administration
Levent Akdeniz
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Economics, University of Houston, 1996. Corporate finance, computational economics, numerical methods.  
Zeynep Aydın
Instructor (on leave)
M.S., Industrial Engineering, Bilkent University, 2009. Marketing research, digital marketing, mobile marketing, online word of mouth.  
Kürşat Aydoğan
Ph.D., Finance, Syracuse University, 1986. Investments, corporate finance, international finance.  
Ceren Aydoğmuş
Ph.D., Business Administration, Hacettepe University, 2011. Organizational psychology, marketing research, financial business applications.  
Özgür Tolga Baycan
B.S., Computer Technology and Information System, Bilkent University, 2002. Programming languages, business applications, networking applications and principles.  
Eyüp Emre Berk
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Operations Management, University of Washington, 1996. Manufacturing/operations strategy, health-care management, inventory theory, quality control, revenue management.  
Liwei Cao
MBA, University of California, San Diego, 2014. Accounting.  
Jacques Couvas
Adjunct Senior Lecturer
MBA, Open University, 2000. L.L.M., University of Leicestez, 2003. Strategy, leadership.  
Barış Erman Depecik
M.A., Economics, Sabancı University, 2007. Brand portfolio management, rebranding, assortment planning.  
Ahmet Ekici
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Marketing, University of Nebraska, 2002. Public policy and marketing, relationship marketing, advertising.  
Erdal Erel
Ph.D., Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1987. Production control and planning, scheduling, design of manufacturing systems.  
Burcu Esmer
Visiting Assistant Professor (on leave)
Ph.D., Finance, University of Iowa, 2011. Corporate finance, agency conflict, mergers.  
Güliz Ger
Ph.D., Marketing, Northwestern University, 1985. Consumer behavior, culture and consumption.  
Celile Itır Göğüş
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Texas A ?amp; M University, 2006. Organizational behavior/human resource management.  
Lale Gümüşlüoğlu
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Hacettepe University, 2005. International business, business policy.  
Eda Gürel Atay
Visiting Assistant Professor
Mahmut İlerisoy
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Finance, University of Iowa, 2015. Investments, empirical asset pricing, risk management.  
Destan Kandemir
Assistant Professor (on leave)
Ph.D., Michigan State University, 2005. Marketing research, marketing strategy, marketing management and global marketing.  
Zahide Karakitapoğlu Aygün
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Social Psychology, Middle East Technical University, 2002. Organizational behavior, socio-cultural value orientations, individualism-collectivism.  
Timothy Scott Kiessling
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Management/Marketing, University of Oklahoma, 2005, Global mergers and acquisitions; knowledge transfer of MNCs; corporate top management team; global strategic human resource management.  
Ayşe Kocabıyıkoğlu
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Decision Sciences, INSEAD, 2005. Risk management, decision analysis, revenue management.  
Zeynep Önder
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Housing Finance, Cornell University, 1995. Banking, real estate finance, market microstructure.  
Dilek Önkal
Ph.D., Decision Sciences, University of Minnesota, 1988. Judgemental forecasting, decision analysis.  
Aydın Örsan Örge
Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Organizational behavior, University of Kansas, 2005. Process-oriented and relational approaches to organization, spacing and organization, organizational and strategic change.  
Süheyla Özyıldırım
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Economics, Bilkent University, 1997. Banking theory, financial intermediation.  
Aslıhan Salih
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Finance, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1995. Investments, asset allocation, futures and options markets, risk management.  
Tanseli Savaşer
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., International Economics and Finance, Brandeis University, 2006. Financial economics, international finance, market microstructure.  
Banu Sultanoğlu
M.S., Accounting and Finance, Baskent University, 2008. Accounting, auditing.  
Fehmi Tanrısever
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Information, Risk and Operations Management, University of Texas at Austin, 2009. Operations and finance interface, commodity markets, energy economics, start-up operations and finance.  
Ayşe Başak Tanyeri
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Finance, Boston College, 2006. Corporate finance, mergers, banking regulation.  
Mehmet Selçuk Uslu
Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Ph.D., Accounting, Ankara Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences, 1973. Accounting, cost analysis and managementç  

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